Get to know our most amazing perfume a little better...

What's our definition of true luxury? Bath & Body Works eau de parfum. Available only in our most exclusive fragrances and display-worthy bottles, our luxe perfume will keep you smelling amazing (and feeling beautiful) all day long. In this deep dive, we’ll teach you everything you need to know – from how to wear it to where to store it.

What is eau de parfum?

It’s a perfume blended with a higher concentration of fragrance oils than its cousin, fine fragrance mist. It’s also way more intense and long-lasting. Each of our exclusive eau de parfums is made by a master of fragrance who thoughtfully creates scents that are so unique, they’re perfect for special occasions and everyday wear.

What makes Bath & Body Works perfume special?

The scents. The packaging. The exclusivity. Honestly, everything about it. When we think about creating a completely new eau de parfum, we (and our master perfumers) consider which of our fragrances should be added to the collection. Plus, each bottle is like a collector’s piece… you’re going to want to get them all.

What about the scents?

From timeless, most-loved favorites, like Gingham and Japanese Cherry Blossom, to seasonal releases (think the perfect-for-spring Perfect Peony), we have all your perfume bases covered. Basically, whether you prefer floral, fresh, sweet or something completely different – you’ll find it in eau de parfum form. We even have transitional perfumes for those in-between seasons.

Speaking of…how do I pick a scent that’s best for me?

  • First: Think about the scents that you usually gravitate towards, whether it’s a laundry detergent, a fond childhood memory or the smell of your body wash.
  • Then: Try out a few scents you think could work for you. You could do this in a few ways. For starters, you could use a few testers in a store. (Let the fragrance sit on the testing paper for about 10 seconds before smelling it.) Or if you can’t get to a store, order a mini perfume (or three). It’s a great way to try the fragrance without committing to the full-size perfume right away.

How long does perfume last on the skin?

Most highly concentrated eau de parfums will stay on for about 12-24 hours. Of course, if you want to keep the scent super noticeable all day long, we recommend adding matching goodies like a bubbly body wash or hydrating body lotion. Pro tip: layering fragrances is one of the best ways to get the most out of your scents.

How do you properly put on perfume?

  • Apply it directly to your skin (using approximately three to five spritzes total).
  • Dab (don’t rub) it onto pulse points, like your neck, inner elbows, back of knees and chest. As you move, the scent will be warmed on your skin, making it more intense and long-lasting.
  • Bonus step: Walk through a cloud of perfume on your way out the door. The fragrance will lightly mix into your clothes and hair for the ultimate scent experience.

How does a perfume fit into my skincare routine?

The best time to spritz it is right after you’ve gotten out of the shower and applied lotion, when your pores are still open from the warmth of the water. Another easy way? Just spritz it as you’re heading out the door. Remember to apply it to a few pulse points and you’re good to go. How else can it fit into your routine? Honestly, it’s really up to you. The best part about having rules is breaking them.

How do you properly store perfume?

Any dry place without any direct sunlight is best! In fact, if you can keep it in the dark, that’s even better. Avoid storing it in the bathroom—especially the one that you take showers or baths in. Since the humidity and temperature levels are constantly changing, there’s a good chance it will ruin the fragrance over time. Another tip? Keep the cap tight! It’s the best way to keep the scent fresh, without letting any outside air get in.